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Waste Management | Tiaki Para

Cleaner, greener and more sustainable

How should we plan for cleaner, greener and more sustainable management of our waste and recycling into the future?


• review of the Waste Minimisation Plan
• minimise the amount we throw away
• implement more sustainable, efficient waste management
• remediating contaminated landfill sites

We’re reviewing options for managing our waste and recycling.

The goal for the future's to minimise the amount we throw away and implement more sustainable practices. This will make efficiencies in costs to ratepayers and benefits for our environment.
The development of our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan for 2018 is our chance to be innovative and build on work with partners like Tairawhiti Environment Centre and Plastic Bag Free Tairawhiti.

There's about 26 ex-landfills, depots and quarries that are owned by, or under the responsibility of Council. We now have the legacy of rehabilitating these sites and the costs to remediate could be extensive. 

Follow the link to our What's the Future Tairāwhiti website and see the ideas   
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