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Whatatutu water supply upgrade

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Whatatutu water supply upgrade

A $386k Ministry of Health subsidy has been awarded to go towards upgrading the Whatatutu domestic water supply. 

The current Whatatutu domestic water supply doesn't fully meet the Drinking-water Standards New Zealand (DWSNZ) requirements. This is due to high levels of sediment from the bore, which the process equipment cannot treat adequately.

The upgrade will allow all households to connect up to a 100% treated water supply and more water would be available. 

As part of the funding requirements residents and owners in Whatatutu needed to agree if it went ahead all houses would eventually need to progress onto the new system.

Without funding an upgrade costing $500,000 may have fallen to the ratepayer, or without it, if the existing system stopped working residents would become fully reliant on rainwater supply and delivered tankers to top up.

The funding contract will be finalised and then a tender will go out for the design and construction.

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