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About the Waipaoa River flood protection scheme.


The Waipaoa River Flood Control Scheme (the scheme) was designed in 1949 and was completed in 1969. It was valued by Council in 2009 at $35.7 million which excluded the 638 hectares of land owned by Council as part of the scheme. 

The scheme is considered to be one of Council’s most valuable assets. It protects some 10,000 hectares of fertile floodplain land and has increased the amount of land being used for high yield horticultural purposes.

The scheme includes 64km of stopbank and associated assets which is the length of the Waipaoa River between the Te Karaka township and the rivermouth.


The project will improve the capacity of the existing scheme and:

♦ Address riverbank erosion. This will be through either providing rock protection or acquiring land in order to widen the existing river berm.

♦ Increase the width of the existing stopbanks to have a 4m crest-width and increase the crest height by around one metre.

♦ Maintain flood protection for a one-in-100-year flood event accounting for climate change out to the year 2090.

Currently the project is forecast to occur over a 15-year period at a cost of $16 million. 

The first stage of the project is set to commence construction in summer 2018/2019.

Currently, the annual construction length is 5-8km, with construction occurring only over the summer months.

For more information and to see the project timeline The Waipaoa Flood Protection Scheme [PDF, 555 KB]

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