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Waste Management Minimisation Plan

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Waste Management Minimisation Plan

The Waste Management Minimisation Plan 2012-2018 for the Gisborne district. Cover of plan

2012-2018 Waste Management Minimisation Plan (580kb)

Council has an important role in managing waste, reducing the harm waste can cause, and encouraging communities and businesses to reduce waste.
This role is recognised – and legally formalised - in the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. Under this act councils are required to develop a Waste Management and Minimisation Plan by 2012.  Council’s outcomes for waste management and minimisation are:

  • reduced quantity of waste disposed to landfill per head of population
  • highly effective and efficient waste management and minimisation services
  • communities that are well informed about the effects of waste, opportunities they have to reduce waste, and take responsibility for their waste
  • cleaner streets and public places
  • no significant health risks created by waste

Council intends to oversee, facilitate and manage a range of programmes and interventions to achieve effective and efficient waste management and minimisation within the Gisborne district.

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