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Wainui meeting about erosion works

28 Jul 2017

Wainui meeting about erosion works

A meeting for Wainui residents to discuss upcoming works as part of the Wainui Beach Erosion Management Strategy will be held on Sunday 30 July.

The drop-in meeting between 11am - 1pm gives residents the opportunity to discuss the proposed works with staff.

Planned works are for sand push-ups to facilitate dune repair for suitable areas of Wainui Beach and rock wall improvements at the end of Tuahine Crescent. There are plans to also remove rock installed under the emergency works provisions of the RMA from behind 21 Wairere Road.

Q&As to help understand the issues

What is the Wainui Beach Erosion Management Strategy?

It's a strategy developed with the help of coastal experts and key stakeholders including the Wainui community. The strategy outlines the methods for dealing with Wainui Beach’s coastal erosion problems. Solutions range from short term soft approaches like sand pushups, through to long term “hard” solutions like rock walls for high risk areas.

Wainui Beach Erosion Management Strategy

What is Council planning to do?

As outlined in the strategy we’ve applied for resource consents to do sand pushups to facilitate dune repair and rock wall improvements at the end of Tuahine Crescent.

We've also applied to remove rock installed under the emergency works provision of the RMA from council reserve seaward of 21 Wairere Road where part of an old private seawall collapsed.

Why does the emergency rock measure need removing?

The rock installed as emergency work provided Council with time to assess the situation and decide a way forward.

Following consultation with the engineering consultants involved in the Wainui Beach Erosion Management Strategy, it was assessed that the rock above the gabions was not in accordance with the strategy or the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement.

The rock also did not meet the appropriate engineering design requirements for the location and posed some health and safety risk to beach users. After the rock has been removed, the dune bank will be tidied up and replanted to stabilize it.

Will there be any disturbance for beach users?

Care will need to be taken around areas where machinery and vehicles are at work. There will also be some disruption to access points.

The Tuahine Crescent timber stairs will require altering, and the platform and stepped access is to be repositioned to allow public access over the proposed rockwall face.

How long will the work take?

The sand pushups could happen at any time of the year on any point suitable along the beach but works will be short-term.

The rock wall at Tuahine Crescent is likely to take 20 weeks to complete, depending on conditions of the resource consent and weather permitting.

For more information about the resource consent application and how can I make a submission?

The application for 3 resource consents, assessment of environmental effects and how to make a submission.

The closing date for submissions is 4pm Tuesday 22 August 2017 

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