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Turihaua Point Camping

Permit and fee required

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Turihaua Point

Summer camping is closed, it will reopen Sunday 30 September 2018. 

No freedom camping any time.

Turihaua Point is located approximately 16km from Gisborne.  Good swimming, fishing and diving.

A speed restriction will be in place on the highway at the camping areas during the Christmas holiday period.  This is to protect campers at the sites. 
For safety reasons no tents or caravans are allowed to be set up within 10 metres of the edge of the road. No vehicle can park within 5m of the edge of the road.  The area will be marked out with 5 and 10 metre lines.

Check the map to see where you can summer camp at Turihaua Point [PDF, 846 KB]

Rubbish collection

Blue rubbish bags are provided with your permit. We encourage you to recycle, take it to the recycling centre in town.

Do not leave rubbish bags on the roadside. Take your blue rubbish bags to the signposted "Collection Point' areas on Mondays and Fridays. Also Wednesdays during the peak Christmas/New Year period. Rubbish is collected in the mornings. 

Turihaua Point

Summer camping at Turihaua Point

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