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Summer camping permit request

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Summer camping permit request

Our summer camping grounds are now open until Monday 2 April 2018.  

We may need to contact you when we receive your request, so please provide your daytime phone number and email address.

Please note, you must:

  • have a chemical toilet.  A chemical toilet is a requirement of a permit.  You must have one toilet for every 8 persons.
  • provide the registration numbers of all vehicles on site
  • pay for your permit before it can be mailed or collected.  If you're paying by electronic transfer - see our bank account details
  • allow 7 working days for your payment to clear and receive your permit and rubbish bags.    

Your details

How many will be camping?

Will you have a dog/s?

Camp site accommodation details

You must provide the number of structures and registration numbers of all vehicles and trailers on site

Tick all the types of accommodation structures on your site

Do you have a chemical toilet?
Note: One chemical toilet is required for every 8 people on your site. Buckets and lids are not acceptable. Inspectors have the right to withdraw your permit if you do not comply.

Camp site details

Where will you be camping?

Payment details

Method of payment
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