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Stake in the groundwater

29 Jun 2017

Stake in the groundwater

Ten groundwater monitoring wells from Tuahine Crescent to Lysnar Reserve have been installed by Council's Water and Coastal Resources team this week to monitor groundwater levels and quality.

“There has been limited groundwater monitoring in the Wainui area historically,” says acting shared services science manager Dennis Crone.

“We ‘re aiming to increase the monitoring coverage and analyse groundwater quality indicators by looking at nutrients, conductivity, salinity, dissolved metals and microbiological indicators with the aim to characterise the groundwater and measure trends over time.”

“This will inform protect and preserve groundwater and the highly valued coastal environment for future generations.

Four of the new groundwater monitoring wells are replacements due to the existing monitoring wells being damaged.

The wells will be regularly sampled for water level and water quality as part of Council’s existing programme of groundwater monitoring.

Council has monitored groundwater since the 1980s but have been largely limited to Gisborne and Poverty Bay.

“We are aiming to increase the coverage of the monitoring progressively within the region with the addition of Wainui and eventually other East Coast townships.”

Gisborne and East Coast groundwater reports can be found on our website.

Gisborne District Council environmental monitoring data can also be found on Land Air Water Aotearoa (LAWA) website.

Anyone with questions about the monitoring can contact the Water and Coastal Resources team for further information at water.info@gdc.govt.nz or call 06 867 2049.

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