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Sewer valves at Gladstone Road bridge opened

29 May 2017

Sewer valves at Gladstone Road bridge opened

The city's wastewater system was flooded due to being overloaded with stormwater from private properties. To relieve the pressure and avoid overflows on roads and private property the emergency sewer valves on Wainui Road at the Gladstone Road Bridge into the Turanganui River was opened at approximately 1am

Update 8am - Russell and Oak street valves have been opened, the discharge now affects all 3 city rivers. 

The discharge is highly diluted with rain water, but there's a risk to health. We have notified the Medical Officer of Health, water user and sports groups.

Temporary warning signs are being installed at swimming and recreation sites.

We will notify you when the discharge has stopped. 

For questions and answers about why discharges happen

2.30pm Monday - the emergency sewer valves were closed and the discharges have stopped.  

We advise no swimming, fishing or gathering shellfish in rivers and beaches until at least 5 days after it has stopped raining and warning signs are removed. 

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