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Resource consent forms and fees

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Resource consent forms and fees

Gisborne District Council's resource consent forms, pamphlets and fees.

For information about applying for resource consent - see resource consents page

Application deposit and fees

The fees for resource consent are based on the application size, scope and purpose and staff time involved in processing the application.

A deposit is required when you lodge your application for land use or subdivision consent. Once your application is accepted, staff time involved in processing your application is charged.
You'll be invoiced when you receive your Notice of Decision. Depending on the final cost, the balance will either be invoiced or refunded to you.

Resource Consent Type Deposit Type Deposit
Land use Non notified $600 Notified $3000
Subdivision Non notified $900 Notified $3000

For land subdivision, construction of a new dwelling or building, levies are payable in addition to the application fee.

See information on development contributions 

For a full list of charges refer to our fees and charges

Resource consent forms and pamphlets  

Please talk your proposal through with our duty planner staff before you fill in the forms. 
If you're unsure which form to use, or you need help to fill in the form, contact us.

Most of these forms are writable PDFs. Please save the form to your computer first before you fill it in and email or print it.

Application forms  
Resource Consent Application [PDF, 315 KB] requires an AEE and other supporting information
Affected Person's Consent [PDF, 149 KB] for neighbour's consent
Search of Council Records [PDF, 476 KB] where it's likely a site is or has been contaminated, under *NES
Bore Permit [PDF, 183 KB] notify bore location
Coastal Permit [PDF, 166 KB] activities in the coastal marine area
Coastal Permit - Removal of Sand [PDF, 159 KB] To extract more than 2 cubic metres of sand
Discharge Permit - Air [PDF, 302 KB] Discharge contaminants to air
Discharge to Land [PDF, 171 KB] Discharge contaminants to land.
Refer to Freshwater Plan Section 5 for rules
Discharge to Water [PDF, 181 KB] Discharge contaminants to water.
Refer to Freshwater Plan Sch 19
Transfer Discharge Permit [PDF, 145 KB] To new property owner
Sand Extraction [PDF, 141 KB] Monthly returns
Shingle Permit [PDF, 188 KB] To extract more than 30 cubic metres of shingle.
Refer to Freshwater Plan Section 6.4 for rules
Water Meter Verification [PDF, 190 KB] Measurement and reporting of water takes
Water Permit - Dam [PDF, 209 KB] To dam waterways
Water Permit - Diversion [PDF, 167 KB] To divert water from rivers and streams
Water Permit - Ground or Surface Water Take [PDF, 280 KB] Take water from rivers, streams or aquifers. Refer to Section 4 and Sch 19 of the Freshwater Plan for rules and guides 
Water Permit - Transfer [PDF, 118 KB] Transfer to new property owner
Waterway Approval [PDF, 169 KB] Carry out activities in a waterway. Refer to Section 6 of the Freshwater Plan for rules and Sch 19 for guides
Waiting List - Take and Use Water [PDF, 220 KB] Apply to go on the waiting list to take, use or divert water
Make a submission Form and information on making a submission
Guide to Resource Consent Guide to the process
Guide to Rural Subdivision Guide to information, rules and process
Guide to Residential Subdivision Guide to information, rules and process
Guide to Residential Development Guide to rules and requirements

 *Under the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (NES).  More information about NES

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