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Park fees and booking information

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Park fees and booking information

Weddings on a beach or reserve 

If you're thinking about getting married on the beach, the rose garden or any other council park or reserve, you need to let us know.  Fill in the online booking request form.

If you wish to book the Botanical Gardens, you'll need to let us know which area of the park you would like to use - see Botanical Garden. 

A fee of $25 applies for weddings, you pay this once your booking has been confirmed by reserves staff.  The fee is refundable if it rains.

Fill in the online park booking form

Book a sports ground

To hold an event or match on a council sports ground, a fee is charged based on the grounds maintenance cost.  

For example ... if a team or club books a complete ground for the winter season only, and that ground cost $80,000 the previous financial year to maintain - they will pay $2,000 for the winter season use.  If they only use one field out of 2 on the ground - the fee would be $1,000 for the winter season use.

Book a reserve for a commercial event

Any commercial event or activity is charged a fee based on the type of event.  You need to fill in the Hold an Event form.

Alcohol in a public place

There are some rules around consumption of alcohol in public places.  Generally a toast at a wedding is fine, anything more, you need to talk to our environmental health team.

If you intend to supply or sell alcohol at an event on a public park or reserve, you need to fill in the Event Form or talk to our environmental health team first to clarify what you are allowed to do.

Refer to the bylaw Public Places Liquor Control Bylaw

Booking a park, reserve or sports ground   

To book a council reserve, park or sports ground, fill in the online request form.

If you are organising an event on a council reserve, read the events information

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