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Notified resource consents

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) allows you to have your say on decisions that affect the environment.

You may make a submission on an advertised resource consent that we are processing. The only exceptions are Limited Notified consents, only the notified affected parties are able to make a submission.

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The following resource consent applications have been publicly notified

Location Proposal Status
WHARF 6 & WHARF 7 - Kaiti Beach Road This application seeks consent to redevelop Wharf 6 and Wharf 7 to allow the berthing and loading facilities... Submissions closed
SLIPWAY - Esplanade/Kaiti Beach Road This application seeks consent to modify the physical shape of the existing slipway to enable better manoeuvring and... Submissions closed
Waipaoa River The application type is Discretionary for upgrading works to the stopbanks along Waipaoa River and to develop sections... Submissions closed
Tokararangi Forest, East Cape Road, off Dewes Road A land use vegetation clearance resource consent is required because the applicant is seeking to harvest approximately 200... Submissions closed
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