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Keep away while contractors clear debris on Titirangi

6 Jun 2017

Keep away while contractors clear debris on Titirangi

The road past the lower carpark on Queens Drive, Titirangi (Kaiti Hill) remains closed while work to remove the at-risk material will start today. This work could leave the road closed until Friday.  

Recreation and amenity operations manager, Dion Ahern says “The affected area has been blocked with cones and signage, and we’re asking public to stay clear of it until the unstable soil has been cleared.”  

Tracks are safe and will remain open for public to access Titirangi, and the lower carpark is also available for use.  

Heavy rainfall from last week caused a large pine tree to fall across the road along Queens Drive. Council closed the road while contractors cut and removed the blockage. While doing this, contractors (Arborcare) assessed that 2 more trees were at risk to collapse in another rain event. These trees were also removed.  

After removal of the trees, there was still a lot of loose soil on site. Further assessment from Geotechnical advisors, Land Development and Exploration Ltd found that debris was still at risk of sliding down and that it was safer to keep the road closed due to heavy rain being forecast for the weekend.

Recommendation was to clear any material that comes down over the weekend, or remove the loose debris from the hill when the weather is fine.  

Please check our Facebook page for updates on when the road will be open again.

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