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Fire permit request

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Fire permit request

You can fill in the form to request a fire permit.  

Customer service may contact you to clarify your request between Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.  Permits will not be issued outside of council business hours.

Permits can take up to 3 working days to issue.  A fire officer may inspect the fire location before a permit may be issued.  

Note: If you don't own the property where the fire will be lit, you need the land owner's written approval. You can upload their approval at the bottom of the form.  All rural permits are done through the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Website

All permits must be signed by the permit holder.  You must have the permit before you light the fire.

Permit holder details

Location of fire

Do you own this land?

Note: If you're not the land owner, you must attach written approval from the land owner

Tell us about the fire

What type of fire?
What material are you burning

Questions about the fire location

Do you have a neighbouring house closer than 50 metres?
Is the fire within 1km of forestry or a DOC reserve?
Is the fire within 1km of the airport?
Any high tension powerlines near your property?
Is the fire within 50m of a river stopbank or road?
Is the fire larger than 5m x 5m?
Are you burning any plastic, polystyrene, tyres?
Are you a trade or industrial business?
Do you have the approval of your neighbour?

You can upload documents such as neighbour and land owner's approval or a fire plan

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