Our regional responsibilities - coast, water, land, air, transport, emergency management

We care about the Tairāwhiti environment

Tairāwhiti Rural Fire

Fire season today
Fire seasons - what they mean
Fire permits

Civil Defence

Current status, tsunami maps, rural fire

Environmental Monitoring

Hourly updates for rainfall, river levels, wind, air, soil temperatures and water quality


Water quality monitoring, freshwater plan, land drainage


Coastal plan, sand extraction, coastal hazard reports


Erosion management, crop survey, soil map


Argichemical spraying, air quality plan


Animal, plant, insect, aquatic

What to do with unwanted items

Suggestions for recycling unwanted items

Secondhand Sunday

Recycle unwanted household items on the first Sunday of each month. Register your address.


Enviroschools, recycling options, waste education

Environment Reports

State of the environment, regional pest strategy, waste reports


Waste minimisation fund, natural heritage fund

Water quality City - Wainui

Water quality test results Gisborne city beaches and rivers to Wainui

Water quality Coast Beaches

Water quality test results for beaches from Makorori to Hicks Bay

Water quality Rere, Doneraille

Water quality test results for Rere falls, rockslide and Doneraille Park

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