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Community Facilities Strategy

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Community Facilities Strategy

We're proposing changes to how we provide and manage our community spaces and places - like our arts facilities, sports areas, pools, parks, street trees and gardens, cemeteries, public conveniences and art in public places.

We've started the first stage looking at aquatic facilities, arts facilities, parks and open spaces, play spaces, sports facilities, street trees and gardens.

In October we published draft plans. Thank you for your submissions. The hearing is now scheduled for 4 December.

Hearing - Monday 4 December

Venue: Waikanae Surf Lifesaving Club
Time: 9am – 2.30pm 

Relevant documents:
Community Facilities Strategy Hearing Report [PDF, 488 KB]
Appendix  1 [PDF, 26 KB] Hearing Schedule
Appendix  2 [PDF, 398 KB] Draft Strategic Framework
Appendix  3 [PDF, 2.6 MB] Draft Aquatic Facilities Plan
Appendix  4 [PDF, 4.2 MB] Draft Arts Facilities Plan
Appendix  5 [PDF, 3 MB] Draft Parks and Open Spaces
Appendix  6 [PDF, 546 KB] Draft Play Spaces Plan
Appendix  7 [PDF, 2.6 MB] Draft Sports Facilities Plan
Appendix  8 [PDF, 5.9 MB] Draft Street Trees and Garden Plan
Appendix  9 Part 1 [PDF, 3 MB] - Full Submissions - 1 to 18
Appendix  9 Part 2 [PDF, 3.6 MB] - Full Submissions - 19 - 20
Appendix  9 Part 3 [PDF, 1.8 MB] - Full Submissions - 21 - 32
Appendix  9 Part 4 [PDF, 3.1 MB] - Full Submissions - 33 - 41
Appendix 10 [PDF, 43 KB] Stakeholder and focus group meeting schedule

What's next

After the hearing on 4 December the recommendations will go to Council on 25 January for decision. Council will consider its level of investment for facilities over the next 10 years through the Long Term Plan due 30 June 2018.

We're continuing to work on art in public places, cemeteries and public conveniences plans – so watch this space for more.

Background to the strategy

Having quality community places and spaces is important and helps attract talent and visitors to live, work and play here. We want more from our facilities. But, we don’t have a blank cheque book.  The big issue is how to get the right facilities in the right places at a price we can all afford.

In September the community had the opportunity to feedback on our general approach and draft summaries with some options. 

From that feedback we prepared 6 draft plans and a strategic framework including guidance for investing in facilities. Submissions closed 12 November. We received 41 submissions.

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