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Developing a Parking Policy

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Developing a parking policy

We're reviewing how parking is managed in our city centre.  

In July 2016 we asked for feedback, you told us you wanted free parking periods, updated technology and cheaper parking, We came up with 3 options and asked for further feedback in December.

1. Cheaper parking - $1.50 per hour maximum

$2 per hour parking areas would be reduced. It will be $1.50 everywhere per hour. We could extend pay parking further along Gladstone Road.

2. Free parking - first hour free

Applied to all pay parking areas with a time restriction of 120 minutes or less. Normal rates would apply after the first hour. We could extend pay parking further along Gladstone Road.

3. Free parking - free time restricted parking

Free parking for all CBD parking. 90 minute time restriction for prime parking areas. Doesn't apply to existing 8 hour meter car parks.

Summary of what you've told us

In December 320 people filled in a survey and 245 people told us their preferred option using social media. The feedback told us:

♦ First preference  - to have the first hour free.
♦ Second preference - to have free time-restricted parking.

The least preferred options were:

♦ Cheaper parking at $1.50 per hour
♦ Keep it how it currently is.

The feedback also indicated that the majority of our community understand the need for Council to 'balance the books'. There was a preference for making up the difference in revenue from a combination of places rather than from just one, such as not just an increase in rates. 

What we’re doing now

We’re calculating what the impacts on revenue and possibly rates are likely to be for the preferred options. Including once any new parking meter and pay technology are installed and new charges are introduced.  

This is a complicated process to work out as a reduction in the cost of car parking will not automatically mean a huge reduction in the amount of cash revenue.

Parking officers will still be enforcing warrant of fitness and vehicle registration which is also a revenue source as well as an important part of keeping everyone safer on the roads

What’s the next step?

We’ll draft a parking policy using the calculations, your feedback and the research already done on how other councils around NZ are managing parking.

In June, Council will make a decision on the draft policy before it goes out for consultation. The aim of the policy will be to make parking in the central city convenient and affordable.

Public consultation will be in August/September. We should then have a recommendation to Council in December 2017 to adopt a new parking policy.

This timeline will mean it will line-up with budget allocations for replacing parking meters in the years 2019-2021.  


Here's the reports to council committees, and documents on the process to develop a parking policy:

Urban Development Strategy  |  Long Term Plan 2015-2025

Want more information?

If you would like to add your contact details to our stakeholder list to receive emails about the draft parking policy, please email  

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