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Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook

Captain Cook2

James Cook Captain RN 1728 - 1779

A fine seaman and an outstanding captain and an honest man.  Captain Cook was one of the last of the great explorer navigators and the first of the scientific expedition leaders.  After this 3 global voyages of 1768-71, 1722-75 and 1776-79 the map of the world was substantially complete.

On the 9 and 10 October 1769 Cook walked with men from HM Bark Endeavour seeking fresh food and water.  Nearby on the river rock Toka-a-Taiau, Maori chief and English captain greeted one another.  When traditional challenges were misunderstood, Maori were killed, the ship sailed without provisions and thus Poverty Bay received its name.  This meeting of the 2 peoples marked the beginning of the New Zealand nation



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