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Bird survey to support biodiversity

28 Jun 2017

Bird survey to support biodiversity

A national Landcare bird survey happening from the 24 June to 2 July is encouraging everyday people to take part in building a picture of birdlife across New Zealand.

“This is a great science project families and individuals can get involved in,” says acting environmental services and protection director Lois Easton.

“The survey can be done in your own back yard, school or local park.”

“Birds are important indicators of the health of New Zealand’s environment and many people across the country get involved in the survey each year.

“We have a serious lack of any Biodiversity data in our region. It would be great if we could get this out there to raise awareness and get local people participating.”

The survey will measure trends like increasing or decreasing populations, number and types of species and localities.

Ms Easton says it will provide valuable information on the presence of bird species across Tairāwhiti.

Council revegetation and bio-diversity projects could benefit from the data and help enhance our knowledge and in planning habitats for native bird and animal species.

“The more we know about which bird species are present and where they are, the more we can do to help to protect and restore these birds and their habitat.

“In doing this survey you will be helping collect valuable data which can then be used to work towards bringing majestic native birds back into our city.

Find out about the survey at the Landcare Research website or pick up a copy from Council customer services 39 Gladstone Road and Te Puia Springs.

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